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產品 > 太陽能發電系統 > 直交流轉換器 > 獨立型直交流轉換器(正弦波)3000W,5000W

型號 : LVS-M
品名: 獨立型直交流轉換器(正弦波)3000W,5000W

  • 正弦波輸出
  • 內建MPPT太陽能充電控制器
  • 200%過載能力
  • 轉換效率高達96.5%
  • 具備過載保護
  • 具備輸出短路保護
  • 可以不接市電直接由電池開機
  • RS485通訊介面埠
  • 可接發電機電源


The LVS-M Series is a pure sine wave, Off Grid Solar Inverter.

Based on On Grid PV inverter design and different from those Off Grid Solar Inverters in the market now, the LVS-M Series provides power for loads directly from solar array. With its MPPT solar charger controller, the LVS-M Series has 96.5% conversion efficiency to maximize using you solar array power. Besides, its 200% overload capacity allows you to connect with motor type loads such as pumps, compressors, refrigerators. Furthermore, its RS485 interface and event record allows you to monitor and realize situation of the LVS-M Series.

In other words, the LVS-M Series is your best solution for Off Grid PV application.


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