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Item NO. : MPPT Tracer
Product Name : MPPT solar charge controller charge controller MPPT Tracer series

Brief Description :

l    Advanced multiphase synchronous rectification technology also has high conversion efficiency in low power charging environment.

l    Using common negative circuit design to make the system work more stable and reliable

l    Advanced MPPT maximum power point tracking technology, and tracing efficiency not less than 99.5%. Compared to common PWM algorithm, it achieves 15% -20% more efficiency.

l    Using high quality imported components and advanced power conversion circuit, the maximum conversion efficiency can reach more than 98%; full-load efficiency can reach 97%.

l    Aluminum metal for structure, MPPT Solar charge Controller series can be used in all kinds of harsh conditions.

l    A variety of tracking algorithms can be combined to quickly track the maximum power point.

l    Dual wave and multiple wave tracking technology, when the panels are in partial shade or when a single panel is damaged, MPPT Solar charge Controller series can still track the maximum power point accurately.

l    Four sections of charging ways: MPPT charge-equalizing charge-improving char-floating charge.

l    12/24/48V automatic identification function.

l    With current-limiting charging mode, when the input power of the photovoltaic panels is too large, the charging current exceeds the rated current of the controller, The controller will limit the charging current to the rated current charge.

l    With internal temperature detection function, when the controller temperature rises to 70 degrees, the controller will limit the charging current to half of the rated current. When the temperature reaches 90 degrees, the controller will shut down of charging and output to control the temperature

l    RS485 communication, can provide communication protocol, convenient for customers to integrate management and secondary development.(optional)

l    Though the RS485 communication host computer, controller support WIFI module and GPS module to expand and implement APP cloud monitoring. (optional)

l    The battery temperature compensation function.

l    With a wide range of  operating voltage of PV(12V system, photovoltaic  panel voltage can be up to 100V, 24Vand 48V  maximum voltage can reach 150V).

l With over charge, over discharge, over temperature, over load and reverse connection protection functions.

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MPPT solar charge controller charge controller MPPT Tracer series

File Download(1):MPPT 太陽能控制器(豐新光電)
File Download(2):MPPT Solar Charge Controller (Target Solar Company)

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