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Product Name : ESG Report

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The purpose of establishing an ESG sustainability report:
1. A company's financial disclosure cannot fully reflect the company's operational risks, so the availability of relevant information on the company's environmental/social issues will become a key factor in investment decisions.
2. Disclose environmental/social risks and related efforts in the ESG sustainability report, and regard the investee as an important disclosure project to strengthen governance and improve transparency. Important supporting information that is conducive to participating in the selection of socially responsible investment and ESG-related awards.
3. The process of making an ESG sustainability report can help companies sort out information on sustainable development goals and efforts, as well as identify future improvement goals, directions and performance benchmarks.
4. The ESSG sustainability report is a good tool for communicating with stakeholders. A good report can comprehensively demonstrate the company's ability to control environmental and social responsibility risks, thereby proving the ability to control financial risks.

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