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Product Name : Solar Street Lights Solar Lights 80W DC

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Solar Street Lights Solar Lights 80W DC

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Description :

  1. Cover Material: Aluminum Alloy
  2. Light: Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp 35W*1
  3. Transparent Cover: Tempered glass, High temperature resistance, Anti-ram
  4. Protection Degree: IP65
  5. Luminous Flux: 3300 lm

B、Light Pole

  1. Shaft using ∮ = 4 "x4.2t over galvanized steel pole
  2. Base plate made of f 20T steel plate
  3. Solar panel mounting rack made of angle steel 50x50-4t
  4. Control box made using SS41P-1.5t galvanized steel

C、Foundation Screw

  1. Ψ25x 1000 Foundation Screw

D、Power Control

  1. Power Collection System: Solar Module 80Wx1pc, Vmp=17.5V, Imp=4.57A, Dimension 1200x540x40mm
  2. Power Storage:Silicon Power Battery 12V, 80AHx1pc
  3. Charge Controller:
    • Automatic turn on when sunset
    • Self setting light on time
    • Battery over charging and discharging protection
  4. Light on time: Automatically daily switch on light when sunset, for 6 hours

E、 Size

  1. Total pole height - 6M
  2. Lamp mounting height 5M

F、 Others

  1. The surface of the poles have been dealing with hot-dip galvanizing, the appearance is dealt with powder coating technology, and color should be ordered separately.
  2. Solar panels should be mounted facing south for the direction of the sun and should avoid shading.
  3. The product warranty: 1 year

Solar Street Lights Solar Lights 80W DC

File Download(1):80W_Solar_Street_Lights

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